A-TEC Integral 45cm Black CeraKote

A-TEC Integral 45cm

Black CeraKote

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Inspired by the saying: ”If you want something done well - do it yourself” - we simply decided to do it.

The result is the A-TEC INTEGRAL. A fully integrated silencer that will fit various actions on the market and any rifle-stock that can be inletted to fit a Ø 34 mm barrel.

With an all stainless steel construction, the A-TEC Integral performed extremely well during our endurance and destructive testing. The decibel tests are promising with a performance around ÷28-32 DBC in calibre .308 Win.

Barrel length: 400-450 mm
Diameter: 34 mm
Effect: 28-32 DbC (.308W)
Calibres: 224 | .264 (6,5) | .30 | .338 | .375
Materials: All stainless steel
Surface: CeraKote/glass blasted
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